Stair renovation 2 open stairs

Stair renovation 2 open stairs

Composite Diresco Belgian Blue velvet


These 2 open spiral staircases we have provided with new steps of composite in the color Belgian Blue with velvet finish of the brand Diresco. The wooden steps that lay on the stairs were fixed with bolts. We have ensured that the new steps are mounted invisibly on the stairs. Because the customer had to be able to go up during the assembly, we replaced the steps in 2 parts.

This is what the customer has to say about it in his 5-star review on Google:
“Vogten Stairs has renovated our spiral staircase with wooden steps Instead of wood, we now have composite, the new steps are no longer screwed but glued, never to be painted, but it has taken some time, but we are very pleased with the result. “

Click here for an example of the color

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